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GED in Spanish

Are you considering taking the GED test? Here you will find what you need to get started. Every year, nearly a million Americans take the examination of a High School Diploma equivalency: the GED test. Don't risk taking the test without the right preparation. With the GED test preparation system- review the knowledge you need to know now!


Learn English Online:

In today's competitive labor market, speaking English fluently is not an option, but rather a necessity. This is true if you are part of the workforce or the business world. In fact, English is the common language used throughout the world in international business. In addition, it has recently been proven that having a high level of English fluency, increases your chances of getting a better paid job and improves the potential of being promoted to a higher level position.



Build Workplace Skills

Today's job market calls for workers who are well-prepared and equipped with basic skills. Workplace Skill Building provides resources to boost basic workplace and job search skills, and prepare job seekers for advanced occupational training.



Career Assessment Series

Includes: Interest, Abilities, Values, Environmental, Entrepreneurial, etc.



Career Coaching Sessions

Package includes 2 sessions.

Also includes assessments, results & review.


Career Advancement Program

Including vocational assessments with (3 individual coaching sessions).

         (1) development plan and  (2) advancement strategy sessions.


Parent Career Development Series

Spanish webinar series -10 weeks

Learn how to guide your child towards succes by supporting them to make informed career decisions. An informed choice is always a better choice.

Includes assessment series for child or parent.



Scholarship Workshop and Application Assistance 

Includes Parent Power workshop for parents.


Scholarship resources and contact list

Note: This resource is available once Scholarship Workshop above has been completed.


Career Wise – Confidence and Skill Building Program

2 Day Workshop for students & Parents (ages13-22)


1. going beyond jobs to find freedom & success

2. assessments to evaluate all your options

3. analyzing your choices to make awesome decisions

4. creating the career portfolio you really want

Parent component (bilingual Spanish /Eng.)

1. Parent Power workshop and conversation

2. Parent involvement in early career development activities

3. Continued workforce development opportunities for parents




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