I wanted to see my children find greater confidence to plan their future.

Now I know how to support and guide them."

What does it really mean to be ... COLLEGE AND CAREER READY?

Being "College and Career Ready' means that a high school graduate is ready to pursue preparation for a highly-skilled career and is admissible to and prepared to succeed in first-year, credit-bearing classes without remediation at a 2 or 4 year college, technical or trade school, or apprenticeship program. A “career” differs from a “job” in that a career offers the opportunity to advance and develop professionally.

A high school graduate is likely to be "College and Career Ready" if that student has earned a diploma while maintaining a high gpa (grade point average), taken the right classes, earned the right test scores, and acquired the right skills & attitude. It's vitally important that each graduate also create a personal career vision which can be developed by working with his Career Coach (knowledgeable expert in career development) who can provide support with the necessary assessment and guidance process,with the specific objective of identifying the right career path while considering each students interest, skills and abilities, and professional goals.

Meeting in a family atmosphere with a Career Coach to plan your children’s educational study and future career choice is always a good investment. miCOACHmx offers specialized services for parents who are seeking to invest in their children's future to ensure the greatest potential for career and life success


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