Over a span of 30 yrs. Celia Garcia has provided strong leadership and vision to tens of thousands of participants in over 40 programs focused on delivering custom workforce development training, bridging the gap in services available to underserved minority communities, and an aging workforce needing to re-calibrate, re-position and stay competitive, by improving job skills for Adult Learners, and providing business training to Small business owners. She brings with her vast experience and wisdom in serving these special needs, without which, due to changing demographics employers and their surrounding communities will continue to face huge workforce development issues yet to be solved.

 Ms. Garcia and the miCOACHmx career development team have developed collaborative partnerships with state and federal government, private enterprise, and community organizations to address the job training needs of our immense workforce in Southern California and abroad. They have dedicated their careers to establishing workplace literacy and job training programs which delivered direct bilingual training services to tens of thousands of workers in an effort to improve critical language skills and job skills required to improve performance on the job and move low wage workers to qualify and attain higher wages and position themselves into a career path.

Ms. Garcia has been instrumental in creating national partnerships with like-minded organizations dedicated to improving economic conditions for families by promoting individual self-sufficiency through workforce development initiatives and by teaching financial literacy to families struggling to get ahead in establishing and stabilizing their lives in the US.

Ms. Garcia has continually overcome the challenges faced by visionaries with great conviction and purpose and has developed a professional training institute and online services, committing valuable human resource expertise, skill building, creative tools, and professional development resources designed to develop the competitive edge needed by so many heads of household to prosper while striving to get ahead in their careers, businesses and while keeping a healthy balance in their personal lives.

 Ms. Garcia has recently completed two terms as State Deputy Director for Women for CA LULAC. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Latin Business Institute a non-profit community based organization since 1997. She is also the CEO of MujerValiente™ and miCOACHmx™ College and Career Planning. Both are private consulting and coaching businesses, working with and for the Latino community in educational and empowerment initiatives, with an international scope and reach.

 Ms. Garcia is also currently serving as a board member for a local Charter School and Community Development Corporation in Santa Ana, California. Due to her expertise Ms. Garcia has recently been elected to serve as a national board member of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals and has the distinct privileged of representing the State of California with a personal focus on customized initiatives in the Southern California community. She is recognized and holds a national certification as a Workforce Development Professional.

 Ms. Garcia can be reached at micoachmxcareerplanning@gmail.com


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